Writing alternate history fiction histories

Naturally, this turns Europe into a vastly different place. As a result, I am able to believe that while there may be magic, I am still reading a story set in the 18th century I am familiar with. World War II would have been avoided. Federal Government after Albert Gallatin joins the Whiskey Rebellion in and eventually leads to the creation of a libertarian utopia.

Depending again on the genre, an inaccurate or poor understanding of history can affect how credible your Alternate History is. Noticing a pattern, here? Pitfalls As You Knowa clunky-written Alternate History can suffer too much direct and obvious exposition. Paratime thrillers published in recent decades often cite the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics first formulated by Hugh Everett III in to account for the differing worlds.

The Kennedy assassination is a popular event of alternate history, inspiring novels, stage plays and short story collections. Prior to Everett, science-fiction writers drew on higher dimensions and the speculations of P. What if Charles Lindbergh were elected President in ?

Perhaps the most intriguing was the reality in which Martin Scorsese, rather than Garry Marshall, directed Pretty Womanthe rom-com that turned Julia Roberts into a star. Later followed by a sequel, Too Many Notes, Mr.

Alternative History:What is Althistory

Learning that Britain has broken the Enigma codehowever, the Nazis play it safe and make peace with the west. Republicans win every election for the next 30 years.

Techniques in Writing Alternate History

However, they differ significantly in that typically the protagonist the time traveler is aware of the divergence or its possibility. Many of these were popular questions — What if the Americans lost the Revolutionary War?

List of alternate history fiction

He then hypnotizes his students so they can explore more of them. Such "paratime" stories may include speculation that the laws of nature can vary from one universe to the next, providing a science fictional explanation—or veneer—for what is normally fantasy.

However, since his hero experiences only a single alternate world, this story is not very different from conventional alternate history. It allows the reader to imagine that no matter how small their actions seem, they ultimately make a difference in determining how history is formed.

Alternate History Fiction: 3 Useful Rules You Should Know

Recently, I read two alternate histories that execute on this aspect perfectly: Though a superhero-derived point of divergence would be by-definition an Alien Space Batssuperheroes typically get more Willing Suspension of Disbelief from the beginning, allowing more leeway to work with.

What if Franklin Roosevelt was assassinated in ? Stirlingan inter-dimensional gateway is discovered in California, which gives access to an alternate Earth in which the empire of Alexander the Great flourishes, and where Europeans never discovered America.

The end of nuclear proliferation Rather than following the great man theory of history, focusing on leaders, wars, and major events, Robinson writes more about social historysimilar to the Annales School of history theory and Marxist historiographyfocusing on the lives of ordinary people living in their time and place.

The physicist David Deutscha strong advocate of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, has argued along these lines, saying that "By making good choices, doing the right thing, we thicken the stack of universes in which versions of us live reasonable lives.

The same applies to Dreadnoughtwhich follows a southern Confederate nurse across the frontier. The British movie magazine Empire joined in the counterfactuals game in by suggesting some possible stories from recent Hollywood history.

What if UKIP were given a lectern in the debates in ? Instead, the CSA is offered neither independence nor civil rights, but is kept under military rule. The point of divergence can make no sense, but if the repercussions that follow are in line with what such an event would cause in relation to reality, the story is probably on the right track.

Is the point of divergence going to be a mundane, very believable one for example, the bomb-bay doors on the Enola Gay locked up, causing one of the nukes to not be delivered during World War IIwhich allows the Japanese leadership to justify fighting and cause a much worse ending to the war or a more fantastic, less realistic one known in the usual parlance as an " Alien Space Bats ;" for example, an alien race shoots down the Enola Gay with a space laser, preventing the delivery of the bomb and prolonging the war?

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Only one of the Twin Towers is destroyed. Links also available to personal blogs, author pages, and social media. And solid research on word use and etymology can help make sure that the dialog is period-appropriate as Mary Robinette Kowal pointed out recentlypeople swore differently even one hundred years ago.

In both books, the narrative voice and the dialog employed by the characters rings at least to my ear true to the period when the books are set. There are other historical events that share this notoriety; the American Civil War and the Cold War are similar stalwarts of the AH genre, but apart from these major events AH authors have a difficult decision to make.

A somewhat similar approach was taken by Robert A.A fiction story pegged as alternate history has these three fundamentals: A point of divergence from the history of our world preceding the time at which the author is writing; A change that would alter history as it is known; and.

Mary Robinette Kowal and Eric Flint join Howard and Dan for a discussion of writing Alternate History. Eric divides the sub-genre into two categories for us. Eric’s alternate histories Loved this one, but I love historical fiction and alternate history, I think for the same resasons I love fantasy and SF – I love being competely.

Alternate history, long popular with fiction writers, has also been explored by historians and journalists. What If? 19 Alternate Histories Imagining a Very Different World The previous. But an alternate history novel can easily turn into a disaster of historic proportions, if you don't know what you're doing.

Here are 10 writing mistakes that authors of alternate history fall into. We talked to some of our favorite alt-history authors, to find out what classic mistakes bother them.

Here's what they told us. Alternate history has been seen as a subgenre of literary fiction, science fiction, or historical fiction; alternate history works may use tropes from any or all of these genres. Another term occasionally used for the genre is "allohistory" (literally "other history").

Alternate history fiction is one of the hidden gems of literature, a sprawling chasm of a genre often overlooked by those not familiar with it. This is perhaps because on the surface it can look like fantasy or science-fiction – involved as it is with stories of worlds not our own – however beneath the surface it’s an entirely different thing.

Writing alternate history fiction histories
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