Understanding needs in health and social care

To improve the services given, the government transferred staffs that were working in the facilities to social care facilities with an aim of boosting the quality of care given. There is a need to look after their physical, mental and emotional needs because after knowing these needs the individual can be provided with best treatment to recover also the best strategy can be developed to provide an individual with treatment.

And also the high level of satisfaction in an individual will improve his recovery. References Books and journals Andersen, G. Moreover, simple technical interventions can have a positive impact on helping to meet the needs and rights of people with physical disabilities: As a care giver I will give relevant information to them and they will in turn apply them when dealing with HL.

Hence, the health specialists fear the risks of the health workers to do their job in a rather comfort and convenient way Emerson, Also it is required to provide an individual with proper food and medicines on time.

Report has provided the analysis of concepts of health, disability, illness and behaviour as well the impact of acts that has been applied for managing the services according to standard.

Following are some approaches or interventions that support individual with learning disability: Published online 31 May We have selected the locality of eastern London for our assessment of the services available in a certain area and locality- Advices and guidance The selected locality is blessed with possible all kinds of services and care system.

But, some people mean health as the absence of disease. However, personal development programs are also arranged for the betterment of the people with specific needs. Furthermore, they become reserved, poorly gloomed or aggressive Adreon et al.

Park I was able to conclude that the major concern of the family is where he can access specialized care that will be customized to his specific need. Some of the behaviors considered unacceptable include: Physical interventions; this includes a range of activities such as exercise and monitoring the individuals to ensure that they handle their aggression and frustration in a positive and constructive way instead of embarking on self hurting activities.

Chance of opposite reaction due to number of suggestions and treatment. In the next task report has explained the approaches and intervention of partnership and empowerment as well the impact of recent changes in the legislations and social policy on the specific needs of individual.

As an care worker in a residential care home, the intervention strategies used for a child with learning disability are effective with respect to improve their mental ability. The second edition of the book arrives at the painful time of public sector austerity. Hence, the perceptions of specific needs have changed significantly over time.

A challenge for biomedicine. Smarter caring is no longer seen as a possibility, but a necessity. Hence the evaluation of the health and social care services available in a certain locality or area is important. Social policy The social policy of any society is to a great extend responsible for ensuring the services available for the people with specific needs.

From that point onwards, it tells the story of the gradual formalisation of both social services and the National Health Service, accompanied by an evolution of practices, emergence of health professions and developments in social thought.

People with special need needs to get healthcare services with dignity and respect from caregivers.

Unit 2 Understanding Needs in Health and Social Care Assignment

It provides effective care and quality service to them. They include general practitioners who offer health services to everyone without discrimination.

Persons with specific needs may be more vulnerable to deprivation, harm, exploitation, abuse and violation than other people in a community. Furthermore, the framework addresses inequality and social factors of the health of an individual and the community at large.

Drugs can be used as a treatment of several diseases but needs the approval from government and patient. The multilingual person can be easily available anywhere in the town and will charge high to provide the services.

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It is important that caregivers understand the different intervention methods which they can use in order to attain a level of openness with the autistic individuals and help them engage in activities that other people do with the understanding that they are different VanBergeijk et al p.

Analyze concepts of disability, illness and behavior in relation to health and social care During the discussion and assessment with Mr. A screening app for autism The screening app for autism has proved to be helpful for the children with autism.

Culture and social policies also determine the kind of care that will be given to persons with special needs. The unknown factor which causes disorder affects the ability of brain to receive and process the information effectively and speedily.

Understanding health and social care

Here are some of the approaches and interventions available for the individuals with specific needs to help them as suggested by National Autistic Society- Alternative and Augmentative Communication Alternative and Augmentative Communication is any form of communication that people use if they are unable or unwilling to use standard forms of communication such as speech.In the sector of health and social care, social policy along with legislation and culture play a great role when it comes to availability of necessary service for each a group of individuals having specific needs.

Understanding Specific Needs- Health and Social Care Related Essay Words | 22 Pages. Understanding Specific Needs- Assignment 1 This assignment on understanding specific needs will look into the perceptions that people have of health, disability, illness.

Concepts relating to the health and social care service should be clear to the health and social care service provider or the employees of health and social service foe doing their job in a perfect way. Jun 09,  · [Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care] By Insert Your Name Presented to Instructor’s Name, Course Institution Name, Location Date Due Table of Contents Overview to Holland park case study.

3 Health. 3 Illness. 4 Disability. 4 Behavioral Issues. 4 Overview Of Case Study. 6 Overview to Case study. 9 Approaches and Interventions Available.

Firstly, the broad environmental understanding of health and social needs implies that integrated care should account for community services complementarily to medical care.

Secondly, similar obstacles are likely to appear in any partnership that brings together different organisational cultures and. Unit 2 Understanding Needs in Health and Social Care Assignment.

Introduction. Understanding of needs is essential for individual and management for developing the plan and strategy that helps to meet the objectives of users of services as well the organization.

Understanding needs in health and social care
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