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Nathaniel plays his broken violin on the streets of The soloist psychology movie review Angeles while living as a homeless person in To another point, one does not catch schizophrenia like the flu and, indeed, Nathaniel does not wake up one morning with the sniffles and a bad case of schizophrenia.

Further, clinical symptoms are flushed out with a specificity that respects the research. In the movie, it can be observed that he is well focused on improving his musical talent, so the mental breakdown may be claimed to have originated from a certain anxiety caused by desperate urge to perfection of career but which is often suppressed by insecurity toward social forces once a person becomes depressed on improving himself to meet with a standard or height of expectation set by some environmental stressors.

It happens to stay there to be his source of anxiety that eventually serves him loss of sane continuity.

Characterized by unwieldy facial gestures, some repressed desire manifests through his overall countenance. Unfortunately, the film fumbles the reality of what it means to be an effective and appropriate support. As indicated in this movie, Los Angeles area alone has over 90, homeless people on the streets; many of them have The soloist psychology movie review illness.

Sometimes the voice soothes their mind, therefore they choose to live in those voices. She said that the voice that soothe her suddenly disappeared whenever she took the medication.

Then by cluster-C type, the person takes on anxious indications as obsessive-compulsive personality disorder symptotic of the inability to discard worthless objects as suggested by the third paragraph of the main body It might be conducive for him to be designated to an environment or community of patients who struggle with the similar illness and particular musical inclination at the same time.

Schizophrenia torments Nathaniel Ayers at a level of unmanageable discomposure positive with the aforementioned symptoms as delusions of grandeur and strange beliefs, disturbed visual perceptions and frequently derailed speech and conduct DSM Criteria.

He behaved weird such as running away from auditorium and talking to his mom on the phone without actually connecting to her. It comes too bright to blind a sight away from the rest that subsequently makes him recollect an act of rudeness toward his sister, a scene at daybreak when an equivalent intensity of light pours in, as if to vividly call upon such an excruciating memory.

Lopez, as portrayed in the film, would have been wise to read it.

The Soloist

His dirty fingernails move with grace over the musical strings; his nappy hair is meticulously combed; embedded within his incoherent mumblings about Beethoven and loose associations about airplane pilots are razor-sharp insights about the city and compassionate, sophisticated questions about Mr.

Nathaniel used to be a very talented musician and entered one of the biggest music school in the US. Despite a general stance of affection and patience, all too often Mr. Then as a probable consequence, Ayers may find a great deal of interest in mental and emotional organization as well as self-esteem.

This way, Ayers would have the opportunity to be facilitated with a form of treatment based on observational learning and operant conditioning in which he can modify his thought and behavior with respect to regular observation of events and consequences as drawn from the exposure to the rest of musically disposed schizophrenic.

But something happened in his previous years and let him wander along the streets of LA. Lopez needed to do was find common ground and say, for instance, "The hallucinations seem to disrupt your ability to play music - your favorite thing in life.

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Because the story of Ayers depicts a schizophrenia which is a more socio-environmental in nature, chief portion of his treatment should allow him space of freedom to associate with patients of his kind in order that he would be directed to understand his situation exactly with growing sense of acknowledgment for the clinical procedures employed during the stages of his cure from disorganized schizophrenia.

Nathaniel is not along; in the U. They are reality impaired in the same way that a blind person is visually impaired. Having detached himself deliberately thereafter with no single confidant until Steve Lopez comes along and takes his best part to his advantage, Nathaniel totally gives in and is rather overcome by the imaginary monster of his defective functioning.

Ayers, the soloist did not inherit the illness as it only took on manifestation when he had mental breakdown during his third year at the Julliard School of Music in New York city. Even if we cannot cure them, our help could make a difference.

The Soloist – From My Perspective

Be with them and understand what their minds try to tell you. He said that the movie would be a benefit for our discussion in Social Intervention class. Check, check and check.Critic Reviews for The Soloist All Critics () | Top Critics (48) | Fresh () | Rotten (89) | DVD (15) A deliriously imperfect film - and all the better for it%.

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The Soloist () vividly demonstrates mental illness, anxiety, and issues of social justice for homeless people. As indicated in this movie, Los Angeles area alone has over 90, homeless people on the streets; many of them have mental illness.

View Homework Help - GEN PSYCH movie review The Soloist from PSYC at Azusa Pacific University. Joshua Bisquera General Psychology Lambert Movie Review The Soloist The movie, The Soloist, is the. One of my student in University (Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya, Indonesia) suggested me to watch a movie, The Soloist.

He said that the movie would be a benefit for our discussion in Social Intervention class. So, I gave myself a try. He was right. The Soloist is a story about a homeless man, named Nathaniel Anthony Ayers.

The soloist psychology movie review
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