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Though this term is commonly used to refer to the number of people in a given place, in statistics, a population refers to any entire set from which you collect data.

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The experiment could involve rolling the die in different ways and recording the results for each of those different ways. Data can be defined as groups of information that represent the qualitative or quantitative attributes of a variable or set of Statistics math answers.

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Experimental Data Collection Experimental data collection involves one performing an experiment and then collecting the data to be further analyzed. This method of data collection is very expensive tedious, time consuming and costly if the number of elements population size is very large.

A set in statistics is referred to as a population. Hire a genius to do your math homework for you! An example of experimental data collection is rolling a die one hundred times while recording the outcomes. Your math genius will help you through various stages of your assignment questions and guide you through the learning process.

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Statistics math answers
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