Reasons for unemployment in pakistan

Consequently, their graduates are denied jobs by good institutions thereby, rendering thousands of them unemployed every year. The education system of Pakistan should be equal and well managed. One of the major problems regarding unemployment in Pakistan is uncontrolled growth of population.

This continues till date as in order set a successful economic system in place, almost all the governments keep only a few institutions like Police, Justice system, Education and health etc.

After the transformation of the world from a feudal to an industrial society, the needs of an individual have risen sharply, giving due importance to finance. People are lacking from their basic needs. Another cause of unemployment is terrorism.

Solution of Unemployment in Pakistan: We have got problems in heritage. This is because of rising unemployment. People are reluctant in investing in a Pakistan, which is a gold mine with ample resources. There is a particular mindset behind this increasing extremism that needs to be dealt with as well on the ideological level.

This problem is rather common among Reasons for unemployment in pakistan lower middle and lower working class as the upper classes tend to either assimilate their kids in their family businesses or secure good jobs through their contacts or wealth.

As of this result a huge number of labours are becoming the victims of unemployment. Create more Human Resources departments. Finally, we can hold the government responsible for the its poor performance in financial sector.

Millions of people in Pakistan are poverty stricken and these people are overburdened with expenditures and their savings are very low. As we all know very well that the Karachi is hub of trade and business in Pakistan but there are no rules and regulations in Karachi as everyone is violating law in the biggest city of Pakistan.

A popular example of how FDI leads to jobs is Gawadar.

Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in 2018

The drowning businesses are being supported through meagre subsidies as a result of which, the national debts keep on increasing. Retrieved from Trading Economics: This system is producing graduates but they either do not want to stay in the country or are not paid properly which results in loss of technical staff.

These entrepreneurs may succeed and eventually create jobs. The Urban population may be benefiting from the private school systems, but the government schools are far from the needed standards.

If we analyse the situation through a social lens, international cinema has left a huge impact on the minds of our youth.

The govt of Pakistan need to reduce the unemployment rate, end injustice and manage proper system of education. Firstly, the adoption of latest machinery and capital intensive technology decreases the demand for labour.

Featured 12 January, 24 Hafiz Zeeshan Subhani The foremost problem world is facing today is unemployment. The agriculture sector should be developed.

A Few Reasons of Growing Unemployment in Pakistan

According to the economic survey of Pakistan, in the current decade FDI was minimum last year. People have become the patients of depression and they have no idea how to deal depression during unemployment.

Current external debt of Pakistan is more than 50 billion dollars. This uncertainty leaves a void when it comes to foreign direct investment. Fleecing the general public for making a few exporters rich is what it is. This sector should employ a large number of labours but due to backwardness it is employing a small number of people.

Causes and Solutions of Unemployment in Pakistan

If the government and people tap these needed resources a lot of industries can be set up thus creating jobs.The major causes for unemployment among the poor in Pakistan include lack of technical skills, little or no education, low income worsened by indebtedness to moneylenders, no career guidance, lack of awareness regarding available jobs, high expectations without commensurate.

Current Unemployment rate in Pakistan. Pakistan has had its fare shares of ups and downs, and during the bad times a lot of people suffer. Unemployment may lead people towards a potential dark path, to avoid such circumstances we need to curb it (Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in ).The Current Unemployment rate of Pakistan.

There’s a mindset that needs to be changed At this point in time, almost every youngster in Pakistan endorses the fact that the country is currently plagued by sheer unemployment. Why i. Unemployment in Pakistan is increasing due to various causes but if these things can be controlled than unemployment rate can automatically decline.

Rapid Population Growth: Rapid growth in the population is the main factor which is worsening the situation, but Pakistan is one of the most populated countries of the world with annual growth.

Oct 21,  · A Few Reasons of Growing Unemployment in Pakistan Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan.

The major causes of unemployment in Pakistan

That person is unemployed, who has ability to do work and is willing to do work but is unable to get a job opportunity. In the current situation more than 3 million people are unemployed in Pakistan and. Therefore, Pakistan is not attracting new investment causing unemployment in the country.

Fifthly, United States of America spent billion in on research and development whereas Pakistan’s attention towards this sector is the least.

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Reasons for unemployment in pakistan
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