Oyster mushroom farming business plan

Topics covered include methods of shiitake production, marketing, time and skills needed, equipment and resources needed, and the financial picture.

Using indoor growing techniques it is possible to produce around 25 pounds per square foot of mushroom each year. Places the bags on a shelving unit. Studies have also shown shiitake extracts may be helpful in controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure.

No matter how wonderful a business idea is, without plans and strategies set to successfully market the business, it is likely to fail.

Because the demand for gourmet mushrooms is booming, there are good opportunities for new growers to start growing both oyster and shiitake mushrooms for sale, and cash in on these remarkable fungi.


Marketing Gourmet Mushrooms Bill Metzger, who grows both oyster and shiitake mushrooms claims that restaurants are the best market for gourmet mushrooms right now. However, the aim of this profit making for most companies is to ensure that the life cycle of the business is sustained for a long time to come.

For example, you plant seed spawncultivate your plants, and harvest the fruits mushrooms. All these put in place will ensure that we attain our sustainability and expansion dreams while also achieving our goals and objectives of becoming industry leaders.

The fruition room should have wooden shelves or racks to handle spawned substrate bags. The next stage is incubation. Because we know how beneficial it would be for our mushroom business when we publicize and advertise rightly, we have hired an online publicity consultant to help draft publicity and advertising strategies that we ensure that we sell our mushrooms to all nooks and crannies in other cities of the United States of America asides from Missouri.

Examples of value-added products include pickled mushrooms, dried mushrooms, mushroom seasonings, food products and mushroom growing kits for folks who want to try growing their own. Gourmet mushrooms are an ideal part-time cash crop that can produce a surprisingly good income in a very small space.

We would also cut down costs where necessary so that we do oyster mushroom farming business plan fix an unnecessary cost into our final price. For a business to make profit, several factors have to be in place and this includes; competence of the employees, increase in customer retention, excellent customer care and intensive publicity and advertisement.

Substrates can be any of the following materials-sawdust from deciduous trees, banana leaves, cotton waste, milled maize cobs, chopped rice or wheat straw, chopped maize stalks. Most producers use straw or wood chips. If you prefer a printed copy, you can print the guidebook.

A cost benefit analysis is presented based on a 15 year planning period for an operation which inoculated 4, logs each year.

A Guide for Small-scale Outdoor Cultivation on Logs PDF NC State University This publication discusses the areas suitable for production shiitake mushrooms, selecting spawn, the inoculation process, stacking methods, controlling log moisture content and temperature, pest and disease management, and harvesting the mushrooms.

To do so, twist the stem off as near to the growing block as you are able to. University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry This publication discusses how to incorporate the production of shiitake mushrooms into your forestry operation.

You can produce your own spawn using a sterile culture, or you can buy ready-to-inoculate spawn, which are carried by suppliers.

There are thousands of variations in mushroom color, shape and texture. Setting up your incubation and growing area, including climate control and lighting. Our aim at Mushy Forage Farms LLC as a standard company is to ensure that we can favorably compete with other leading mushroom farms in Missouri and the whole of United States by ensuring that we draft strategies that will publicize and advertise our mushroom business.

This woody material that acts as the support system for plants requires the proper digestive system to turn it into food. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat flu, colds, cardiovascular disease and to enhance the immune system.

When I found this book, I found my answer. The latter two require a warmer temperature — 86 degrees F. Mushroom Cultivation and Marketing: It gave me the confidence and motivation to actually get started instead of just reading about it!

Pricing is very important as you must ensure that it will be affordable to your customers but not also make your company worse off, profits wise. The specific criteria temperature set points, carbon dioxide concentrations, and so forth involved in each stage will change depending on different mushroom crops and different mushroom growers, but the basic concepts and methods of mushroom production remain constant.

Also, we intend to have welfare packages in place that will show our employees that we care about their welfare. Basic Procedures for Agaricus Mushroom Growing PDF Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences This fact sheet will outline the overall mushroom production cycle of the white button mushroom and give a brief description of each of the production stages.

We intend to grow and sell different kinds of mushrooms, such as Shiitake, Oysters, Medicinal Reishi, Lions mane and maitake, so as to be able to take a large share of the market.

Resources, such as workshops, organizations, books and videos and supplies for new mushroom growers. You want straw that can be chopped up into little pieces.Growing Mushrooms. The specialty mushroom market in the United States is growing. These mushrooms include oyster, shiitake, maitake, and lion's mane.

Small-scale mushroom cultivation oyster, shiitake and wood ear mushrooms Peter Oei Mushroom cultivation fits in very well with sustainable farming and has several advantages:? It uses agricultural waste products Small-scale mushroom cultivation 12 These factors differ from mushroom to mushroom.

Most of the. Other requirements for the oyster mushrooms farming business include fruiting house, spawning house, spawn, thermometer, hygrometer, water sprayer, buckets, plastic bags, sterilizing drum, string.

Starting a Mushroom Farming Business in 6 Easy Steps Growing Oyster Mushrooms

You also require a good oyster mushroom farming business plan before you start the business. The initiative of growing mushroom as a business came from the fact that mushrooms are the most wanted vegetables for vegans who wish to consume protein in a large quantity.

Mushroom production started in Europe and other Asian countries due to the demand for it in the industry of food. Food items have added mushroom [ ]. Essentials of mushroom cultivation 9 Life cycle of a mushroom 9 Growing systems 9 Education, business skills and a willingness to take risks 34 Diversification options 36 small farming systems through the recycling of organic matter, which.

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Starting Oyster Mushrooms Farming Business

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Oyster mushroom farming business plan
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