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Kinesthesia learners prefers using body, hands, and sense of touch to learn. Context approach learners and the whole sense approach learners are the two types of a multimodal learner.

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Kinesthetic learning has also proven efficient in dealing with learning disorders that some children may possess. Despite the result, that shows read-write enjoying a top position of the hierarchy, an individual can be multimodal with the use of other methods of learning such as aural and kinesthetic, which also proves to be efficient in the process of learning.

Many of the study habits start with reading, looking at pictures, diagrams, rewriting notes, and making flash cards.

Lastly, in my kinesthetic way of learning, I used trial and error and experiments to learn better and the suggested strategies state the same. Recognizing new learning styles will improve the quality and speed of this writers learning and study abilities. It involves steps where learners choose to write out notes again in formats they understand better.

This writer plans to review the results and learn new styles and strategies to improve grades and to be more successful at school and work. Using the quiet places for studying will be beneficial to be able to recall the voices in my head about the topic.

Aural sense involves the temporal lobes and the right temporal is specifically important for music. Learning Strategies Preferred This writers personal preference of learning strategies are exactly what the questionnaire showed.

Some might have preference of one over the other and depending on the situation they tend to change their choices. According to the model the four different methods of learning are Visual, Aural, Reading and writing, and Kinesthetic, which defines the acronyms for the model itself.

VARK, a guide to learning style. Although a person can show their supremacy over a particular way of learning, being a multimodal can prove to be more convenient and at times successful in absorbing the essentials of efficient learning.

Conclusion of PARK Assessment Tools Many learning styles and strategies essay writer remain constant in their learning styles but are able to adapt to ewe learning styles if influenced by a learning environment. These learners always utilize their opportunity to learn through hands on learning of concepts.

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The learners also pay close attention on verbal analysis of diagrams and charts for further clarification. This in no means is directed to categorize Kinesthetic learners, instead it shows that these learners have urge of learning through exploring, discovering and by doing.

This writer does prefer music to study with but not all the time. Incorporating characteristics of visual learning that includes picture and diagram depiction, highlighting of materials and use of different colors while reading notes, also watching informational movies that might help them to memorize facts and figures, are also important for these learners.

The way in which these scores add up informs a person where they fall within the five areas of learning strategies which is crucial to the education of every individual. It is necessary to practice a new skill to make the most of learning styles and strategies essay writer new learning strategies and make it a new habit of studying.

Use of all four learning techniques makes an individual a successful learner through adopting the basic characteristics of each strategy. We will write a custom essay sample on Vark Learning Styles or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Even though I learn, in so many different ways, my preferred style is to read and write and I use the other strategies as the additional support for my enhanced learning experience, which sounds very true because I like to read books and do some research before I attend class.

Combination of read-write and aural techniques can also develop a way of processing information in an individual who may develop the learning style also mentioned in the VARK model as Kinesthetic technique by founders Fleming and Bonwell.

In comparing my preferred learning strategies and identified learning strategies I would say that, there are some similarities and some differences, for example in aural, similarity is that, there is a suggestion to use recorder which I already use but the difference is that, I have always recorded teachers lectures and never recorded my self.

The context approach is used if an individual has 0ne, two or more solo preferences to learning and using those independently based on the situation Learning Styles, After lecture has taken place, this writer reads notes over and highlights specific ideas and words are rewritten into own words.

The concept that can be drawn from previous statement is that aural learners are efficient at evolving information through listening. This writer will not limit the learning styles but expand the knowledge by learning a variety of strategies to increase learning ability. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

A visual learner understands information well if they can see it. According to an article by the Oregon State University on VARK, the read-write learning style emphasize their focus on inputs and outputs that are text-based, that is reading and writing in its entirety.

The author also learn better with a list or outlined instructions to follow during a lecture and also like to study by herself in a quiet environment which has been very helpful during the past weeks with her online studies as she is not reliant on essentially hearing the lectures which would have permit her to be in a classroom for each and every lecture.

Their visualization abilities are tough and like to use charts, graphs and images. Changes that would improve study behaviors from aural modality include using a tape recorder to place notes on and listen to it.

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An example of this will be the uthor is a visual and kinesthetic learner and she is learning hair braiding from a friend, she would not just stand there looking at the friend braiding someone else hair, but she would actually practice by doing one or more braids.Learning Styles and Learning Theories Essay examples - Building on from the learning styles and theories I have covered, it is clear to see that although they target multiple learning groups; they fail to underpin any techniques, skills and strategies to become an effective learner.

What are learning styles?? Learning style is an approach to learning? We will write a custom essay sample on Learning styles specifically for you for similar, methods may differ even within the same learning style References • Fleming, N.

D. (). Teaching and learning styles: VARK strategies. Christchurch, New Zealand: N. D. An important feature of the VARK instrument (which Fleming likes to call a "catalyst" in contrast with an "inventory") is the "study strategies" that accompany it. James Rhem National Teaching and Learning.

Language Learning Styles And Strategies English Language Essay. Print Reference this Most of the studies on language learning styles and strategies in recent decades have stated that learning styles effect the seclection of language learning strategies the learners apply to their language learning.

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If you are the original writer of this. Analysis of VARK Learning Strategies Essay Sample Learning styles and techniques differ for each person based on their capability to analyze process and memorize information. VARK is a model that provides insight on an individual’s learning styles.

The author will list their own preferred learning strategies and compare them to the identified strategies for their preferred learning style. Also, this paper will discuss how the knowledge of an individual learning styles influence teaching and learning.

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