Integrated marketing communication plan for starbucks

For some time, they have branded an experience around the idea of collaboration: You might need to adjust your message and brand identity to counter the competition.

It looks just like the preview image in the email. Goals A comprehensive integrated marketing communications plan will state specific objectives. They also know my mailing address; more on that in a moment. First, Starbucks sends a marketing email that announces a post card will be coming soon.

Here, one can submit and comment on different ideas. What do you notice? True to email best practices, there is a killer subject line that grabs my attention; it contains two powerful elements. Web is the content hub The web experience is tailored to the audience.

Part of your budget will need to account for the unexpected. Celebrating usually involves some form of acknowledgement or affirmation, and typically a gift is given to commemorate the event. Social Media connections are included to allow further sharing on Twitter and Facebook. As a marketer, I have a lot of respect for Starbucks marketing acumen, as I hope you will see in this case study.

I know I am receiving this communication because of my birthday. Starbucks wisely provides feedback so consumers are able to see how the company uses consumer ideas and feedback. Starbucks even has a twitter account for this initiative.

The Steps in Developing an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

I like their coffee, especially the bold blend. Once again the web serves as the hub of the experience. The first thing you see at the top of the email is account information. Make it easy for the customer to engage and share without being a shill for your product or service.

They are cleverly integrating the Starbucks experience with my event. Since personal data changes, updating records annually is a smart way to keep a marketing database efficient. I am a card application carrying Starbucks consumer. I am a Gold Card member; most who are use the card frequently, so utility is high on our list.

The message in your integrated marketing communications plan will embody this unique identity. An integrated marketing communication plan may leverage its multiple promotion sources. Encourage sharing by focusing on the customer.

A print ad might direct consumers to enter a contest or sign up for personalized savings on a web site.

6 Reasons Starbucks Marketing Communications Strategy is so Effective

At a basic level you can view their content from a smartphone. Despite all their online prowess the old fashioned postcard is still the gift basket for delivering rewards benefits. Starbucks uses this opportunity to link to their My Starbucks Idea sight.

As a coffee drinking marketer, I also appreciate their marketing acumen. Engage consumers Starbucks has a separate presence for collecting ideas. Starbucks knows my birthdate, because they asked me for it.

Make it easy to share content Each communication encourages readers to share content with friends. The identity that you create will be more effective if it appeals to an important need or value. I always look forward to this.Starbucks has evolved into a great success due to their implementation of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Starbucks Integrated Marketing Case Study; Effective Starbucks Marketing Campaign

What is integrated marketing communication? For many, IMC is concerned with the harmonization of customer oriented promotional messages. IMC Plan - Starbucks 1.

Starbucks uses many different promotions and advertising campaigns. In this integrated marketing plan, we have analyzed Starbucks, along with three other direct and indirect competitors: Second Cup, Tim Hortons, and McCafe.

but can be measured by considering all of Starbucks communication channels and. The real power of Starbucks’ successful marketing communications strategy is their relevant content, seamlessly integrated across the different channels.

I have given them specific account information that is important to me and they use it accordingly. The integrated marketing plan is a superior model for marketing communications because it creates synergy, provides internal focus, is an efficient and effective marketing communication program and has a greater.

Integrated marketing communication is the marketing strategy that integrates all the promotional mix of a company like personal selling, sales promotion, publicity, direct marketing and advertising.

It is directed to communicate about a product or brand. INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN Starbucks uses an integrated marketing plan based on social media implementat ion with several working parts, keeps customers involved and 6. BLOGS: IMPROVE THE CUSTOMER IN-STORE EXPERIENCE BY LAUNCHING TO LEARN FROM .

Integrated marketing communication plan for starbucks
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