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For a law to be passed, it must go through a specific process where each relevant institution plays an integral role in proposing, auditing or agreeing to the final proposal. A similar, federal-local system similar to European union essay conclusion US could solve funding issues in EU projects; as regions would be able to use their funding for the smaller issues, while the higher level could concentrate on European cohesion.

If both of these entities agree, then the law is passed. View Full Essay Words: The law required the input and advice from various EU organizations: To exemplify, the case of Spain shows that such a high potential bailout billion Euros would result in a heightened debt ceiling and an interest rate that would skyrocket.

Because of the nationally lead fiscal policy, it is harder for the European Central Bank to cooperate with the national level authorities. The financial redistribution that makes the single-currency and free trade systems fair for everyone also mean that some of the wealthier nations are providing more assistance and receiving less of the benefits.

Moreover, while the EU strives for a consensus over all matters of foreign policy, it is important to understand that select nations exert a higher level of influence in European union essay conclusion international landscape: Here, the legislation underwent numerous amendments the latest one being in until it was passed.

If these nations or others resort back to their old currencies, then billions of dollars worth of trades and contracts would have to be re-evaluated under a different currency. All of these institutions added their own opinion on what would be best.

The first is the Great Recession, which hit the Euro zone and crippled the economy. If the EP and Council do not agree, then they must go through a process of resolution by proposing further amendments.

It is managed by the European Central Bank, an entity that has almost complete control over the policies and regulations surrounding the ubiquitous currency.

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One of the main problems is that there is no Europe-wide fiscal authority. If Greece and Spain go completely under and declare themselves bankrupt in the Eurozone, then the accountability falls of the other nations to help them in the form of a bailout.

In fact, it is some of these same benefits that have these Europeans bothered. Together, these entities control the decision making process and require input from representative nation-states, their governments and constituents. To balance out these problems and to become similar to the US, the EU needs to remove language and cultural barriers throughout the Union.

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These people are not only in the peripheral countries, with weaker economy. Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland refused to join these Communities at first, but did so inand in the first European Parliament was formed from full elections.

If it was not for the food aids, these people would either starve or would be homeless. After all, if the EU is not allowed to trade with a nation because of issues, then every part suffers. The Euopean Union faces mplementation challenges In regard to security and keeping peace, the EU faces formidable challenges.

However, this bailout was still in the form of a loan that brought down the integrity of the European union essay conclusion as a whole. Inthe EU reached a milestone of having almost a hundred billion dollars in circulation.

Every country that uses that currency is going to face an economic downturn simultaneously. Finally, the European Council can propose legislation directly to the Commission. Germany has a sense of recovery, as the investors are flocking to the largest and safest economy of the Euro zone.

As a result, military and diplomacy implementation of foreign policy has been ineffective and difficult to coordinate.

Since almost fifty percent of the EU budget is spent on CAP, it is formidable amount of money to contend with.This sample essay will discuss the European Union, a fascinating supranational entity that has helped integrate Europe into something resembling a cohesive entity on the international scene.

The EU's 27 member states attempt to create policies, both political and economic, that serve to better the interests of Europe as a whole.5/5(1). Essay on The European Union Words 10 Pages The European Union (EU) was established in order to prevent the horrors of modern warfare, experienced by most of Europe during the World Wars of the 20th century, from ever ensuing again, by aiming to create an environment of trust with the countries of Europe cooperating in areas such.

In conclusion, since its formation inthe European Union has served to address a great number of important issues. These issues are not solely confined to the borders of EU but are commonly dealt with throughout the world.

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Q1. Multi-speed Europe is a type of integration where countries integrate depending on what level the country is in in economic and political terms in comparison with the other countries that are in the. The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 member states, located primarily in Europe.

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Committed to regional integration, the EU was established by the Treaty of Maastricht on 1 November upon the foundations of the European Economic Community. Conclusion. The role of symbols in forging an awareness and an identity of the European Union as a political community is therefore crucial.

It is in practice true that most of the basic categories and concepts relating to European integration and, in particular, those breathing life into the notion of belonging, are represented by symbols that make the .

European union essay conclusion
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