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One of the expected effects on the market SOURCE was an increased competition on the European market due to many countries who had a surplus of products due to the boycott.

The Dutch export market was hit quite heavily, since in the Netherlands exported around The increased supply of apples on the market would have led to an increased competition and effects on the price developments.

What Type of Economy Does Russia Have?

Inthe pattern shows to be the same in the first six months but gets abruptly stopped when the boycott is introduced. This could therefore very well have a significant impact on the total Dutch diary export.

Nations like Poland, who depend largely on Russia as apple export partner, had to find a new market to sell their apples after the boycott.

Russian Economy

In graph XX the monthly export figures of meat in are given. The Netherlands The Netherlands is well known as export nation. In graph XX it shows the development of the Dutch diary export market. Diary The diary market is the second market that shows to suffer a direct hit from the boycott.

As shown in graph XX this also means that the Netherlands is highly dependant on the trade with other nations. In the months after the boycott, August till November, the prices actually are higher than the year before. However, the overall trend from shows that export is becoming increasingly important based on the percentage of the GDP of the Netherlands.

This decline is the result of a strongly decreasing demand from Russia. In February these riots move to the Ukrainian peninsula, Crimea. Russia Analysis of the trade in Russia Structure of analysis just for me Influence of Russian boycott on Dutch export market As described in the introduction of this thesis, Russia introduced a ban of agricultural products on the 7th of august Apples The export to Russia Unlike the vegetable market, the peak of the apples export starts already in October.

As mentioned on page 17 of this research, the boycott has had less influence on the vegetables export due to the peak of export in the spring of each year while the boycott was activated in August. In the end of the export level was recovering and kept increasing till May There are several reasons who contribute to the relatively small effect on the vegetables export market to Russia.

Tomatoes concluded Combining the analysis on the Dutch tomato export it shows that the Russian boycott has had no significant influence on the export and price. In the period of July, August and September inthere was a small increase of export.

However, the boycott was announced during the escalated political crisis between Russia and the Ukraine. One could argue that by this growth, the dependency on trade relations with other nations grows with it.

Here it shows that the steep decrease originates from Januarywhile the boycott subject to this research originated from august Dutch Government support program.

In the boycott period inthe graph shows a relatively small dip in the graph.Information/Data on Russia's Economic System Russia is a centrally planned economy undergoing transformation to a free market economy. Russia's gross demostic product(GDP) lies roughly between those of Canada and the United Kingdom.

- A long-term study of the international market reveals that the Russian financial system is unique, due to its many economic changes throughout its historic existence.

It is well documented that up and untilRussia operated as a socialist economy. Russia And China Comparative Economic Systems Economics Essay.

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Russia and China Comparative economic systems. the macroeconomic records of both Chinese and Russian transitions are extremely dissimilar to each other, which suggest that the latter was based on a practical strategy whereas the former was not.

Essays Related to Russian Economy. 1. Economic Tranformation Of Russian Economy. The Russian Mafia has always exercised an important role in the Russian economy.

The Russian Mafia's effect on the Russian economy through protectionism can be viewed through the different scopes of academia, the United States Press, and /5(2).

The Russian Federation announced that these import restrictions were imposed in order to ‘ensure the security of the Russian Federation’.

However, the boycott was announced during the escalated political crisis between Russia and the Ukraine. Russian Economy Essays: OverRussian Economy Essays, Russian Economy Term Papers, Russian Economy Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access Given the nature of Russian so Russian Economy From Szar-Present Russian Economy Russian Economy: Since .

Essays on the russian economic system
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