Compression osteosynthesis

Kompressionsknochenschraube nach Anspruch 1, Compression bone screw according to claim 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass das Koppelelement ein loses Bauteil ist.

In other words, the coupling element in the form of the ring is in the radial direction about the shaft and may also apparent in the radial inward direction, that is elastically deformed in the direction towards the base of the groove th Das Gewindebauteil ist auf den Schaft aufsteckbar.

I pazienti sono stati suddivisi in due gruppi: For the same purpose, the threaded component can have a second receiving structure. According to a preferred embodiment, the first thread has a smaller diameter than the second thread.

Single miniplate osteosynthesis in angle fracture

Therefore, each patient underwent dynamic US evaluation consisting of 7—10 exams. The formed on the shaft first thread Compression osteosynthesis have a smaller diameter than the second thread of the threaded component. Various treatment methods have been proposed for Compression osteosynthesis treatment of mandibular angle fracture.

The means for deforming the coupling element may be formed for example as edges, chamfers, etc. The latching element can then move back to its original position. The coupling element is a removable component and has an at least approximately rotationally symmetrical design.

Such compression bone screw is known from US 4, As the compression bone screw may have a through hole and the shank of the screwdriver along its axial extent and thus also the screwdriver blade to enable the use of the target wire described above, the sinking of the compression bone screw.

Nut is introduced.

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So kann das erste Gewinde einen in Richtung auf das Gewindebauteil zunehmenden Gewindedurchmesser aufweisen. The question of which is better naturally arises.


Besonders vorteilhaft ist eine Kraftaufnahmestruktur in Gestalt eines Kreuzschlitzes oder in Gestalt eines Innenmehrkants. Thus, the coupling element may, for example ring-shaped, ring-segment-shaped, etc. Friction Fit to use technique, which is based on a friction fit between the screwdriver blade and compression bone screw.

The coupling element may permit a detent end coupling the threaded component to the shank. The two threaded threaded components are each configured as a hollow cylindrical sleeve. Medical University Erstwhile K. From US 4, a two-part compression bone screw is known.

The threaded member is preferably configured as a sleeve, which comprises either a through opening or is closed at one of the two sleeve ends. OPG was Compression osteosynthesis once a week during the distraction period and once a month during the retention period until the compression—distraction device was removed.

For fastening the screw two screwdrivers are used each having a different blade. The present study was designed to study the feasibility of single miniplate osteosynthesis in the fracture of angle of mandible. Der Sicherungsring ist daher in Richtung auf den Grund der Nut verformbar.

In addition, the shaft between the first and the second shaft portion may have cutting edges which meet a Vorbohrfunktion respect to the second thread with the greater diameter.

The main methods used to correct mandibular hypoplasia are osteoplasty and compression—distraction osteosynthesis CDO [6—13]. The patients were divided into two groups:A retrospective study was performed on 35 patients who had a total of 43 fractures of the mandible that had been treated using bone plates for internal fixation.

The EasyClip memometal nitinol implant has a low profile and dynamic compression. It is a superelastic staple fixation system. Osteosynthesis is the reduction and internal fixation of a bone fracture with implantable devices that are usually made of metal.

It is a surgical procedure with an open or per cutaneous approach to. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Fracture healing in compression osteosynthesis | From the Departmeizt of Surger.I', ultimedescente.comuset, Universitl' of Uppsala The healing of fractures.

Compression osteosynthesis implies the use of rigid fixation across a fracture or osteotomy so that the fragments are compressed together even when the body part is at rest (no functional load).

A study of the results of 26 cases of mandibular fracture treated by dynamic compression osteosynthesis by means of compression plates is presented.

Compression osteosynthesis
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