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It will be so exciting for me to read a piece of writing that reflects so much about my year-old self a few years down the line. On an acceptance letter, there was a handwritten note: Jill brings the relevant expertise to the table and has a useful and friendly, but structured approach to keep students working towards their vision and meeting the tight timelines.

Adam Schwartz, College Essay Consultant Anyone can set up shop as a college application essay coach, but not many people have my exceptional combination of college admissions expertise and writing instruction experience.

Rona, son at Cornell University You helped me do the soul-searching I needed to not only write a killer essay, but also to figure out my own values and what I want to get out of college. I know my mom is eternally grateful as well.

You are a treasure!

Jill Shulman

I greatly appreciate the confidence he has in this process, mainly due to you. But you do much more than that. After we agree to work together, I will bill you after college essay writing workshop massachusetts bay e-mail, phone, Skype or Face Time session.

Just that advice alone has changed the way I write for the better. I am extremely happy with my final essays, and I would have never imagined that my essays could represent me that well!

I believe that every student has a unique story to tell, and students respond to my faith in them by producing vivid and powerful essays. Moreover, I know how to break down the writing process into discrete, manageable steps.

She not only made my college applications ten times better, but she made me a better writer overall. Among other pointers, I may advise you on ways to: I started an essay the other day for my English class and I thought of how you taught me to entrance the reader and make it an essay only I could write.

I can make house calls if you live within twenty minutes of Newton Center. This is how I work with students: You took them to that place and encouraged them with great patience and skill. Helping adolescents refine their identities and passions, write about this in a succinct essay, and see them accepted by colleges and universities that excite them and their parents is so rewarding.

Our son was accepted to Dartmouth College, and we know it was because of his revised application. Adam Schwartz "Adam is a miracle worker…. Contact Jill Shulman for a free consultation Contact Me: I am so grateful. We will discuss the content and the messages your essay provides about you.

I served on the Board of Admissions at Wellesley College, where I read hundreds of admissions applications, and I spent twenty-five years teaching writing and English at Harvard and Wellesley. It really captures him in a unique way. Bethany, Washington University Jill has made the application process an easy and inspiring experience for both my children and for us, the parents.

You helped me realize that I can always go a little deeper and create a few more vivid details to make any essay or story I write the best that it can be.

Shulman was an outstanding help to me and was always willing to go the extra mile! She has been a Godsend, and I honestly would have gotten into a lot more fights with my mom without her!

You were able to glean the best possible essay out of him by keeping him on task and focused.

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She is fervently passionate about her work and genuinely connects with you on a personal level by giving candid advice and rooting for your success! Many schools actually commented on how touched they were by the story he told, and how they related to it themselves.

And it sometimes makes the difference between an acceptance or rejection from your desired college. I guide them toward passionate essays that reflect their personalities and unique qualities. My son got into 16 of the 18 schools he applied to, and is attending his first choice, Bowdoin College, in the Fall.

She offers the best perspective possible as an admission officer and writer, the best professional I have ever encountered: She asked me all the right questions, and I came out of our conversations with original and authentic ideas for my essay.

That, in turn, aided his application, resulting in the best case scenario for my son. While he is not overly expressive with his parents, my son greatly appreciates all your wisdom and encouragement.

Yet it is a vital tool for providing depth to your application.

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We can highly recommend Jill! Thanks again for all your help!Write the winning college admissions essay —without the headache. A new approach to writing that will walk you thorugh a fun process in record time.

Write the winning college admissions essay —without the headache. A new approach to writing that will walk you thorugh a fun process in record time. As college application deadlines loom, parents and students admit that the essay is the #1 task students dread, avoid, or wait to tackle last minute.

Yet it is a vital tool for providing depth to your application. Some of my most dramatic success stories, both teaching college students and tutoring the college personal essay, have been with students who find writing extremely difficult.

Students respond especially well to my patient, supportive and constructive style. Participate in a college essay writing workshop. Day 4: Boston. Stonehill College campus visit. Free time to visit Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Harvard University campus visit. Boston to New York College Tour 6 days. View Tour. Boston, Amherst & Worcester College Tour 5 days.

“THE BEST WORKSHOP I’VE BEEN TO IN 35 YEARS IN THE PROFESSION.” –B. Goleman, Independent Counselor. Writing Summer Program Spotlight. Summer Young Writers Workshop for High School Students. Held on the Campus of Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

College essay writing workshop massachusetts bay
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