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Yet, in spite of this fact, most of the attention given to mobile apps for attorneys discusses how useful those apps will be at trial. Allowing remote access to libraries of depositions, this app is primarily designed to make the most out of video depositions. While just recently the state of Indiana dropped the requirement for students to learn cursive writing because education officials said it was more important to learn typing skills, research shows that handwriting is still incredibly important to mental development and educational success.

Check out how one student is using his smartpen in this video demo. This is probably very useful if you are combining hand writing with annotating pdfs and images, or generally mixing hand writing with other kind of notes.

These advanced editing options, combined with a predictive capacity that works really well for me, makes this app quite attractive for hand writing to text conversion. I do not work for any of these software companies, but one such free app is iCVNet by Stenograph.

I just discovered that this app also does bulk conversion of text — so you can fill a whole page, then convert everything. You can check it out at eDepoze.

Overall, the hand writing recognition in Notes Plus also circus ponies ipad handwriting applications very strong. For the litigator whose firm does not use one of the massive and massively expensive matter management services to organize cases, Circus Ponies Notebook is an indispensable tool for organizing everything you need for a case.

No need for a separate app. We are not important enough to dedicate any additional programming time as the percentages are not high enough for you. However, if you are not happy with the suggestions offered, 7NotesHD will offer you other alternatives to chose from, both at the word and sentence level.

Most importantly, multiple exporting options allow me to store copies of my deposition outline in a format that can be edited later, or a flat format to preserve my notes exactly how they were taken down. Even Apple is including more and more ink support in the OS and you still act like it is a rare request This app also has support for a variety of languages thanks to Fredrik Graver for pointing this out below — when I first published this post, I had missed the full list of languages available for download in Notes Plus.

This ends up looking like this: Its just like using a paper notebook except on my iPad. For those students who are able to invest in an iPad this year, the addition of the Livescribe smartpen and the Pencast Player app weds the advantages of analog handwriting with the benefits of digitized notes — in what we believe to be the future of personal productivity and education.

In addition to the sheer speed of handwriting notes, there are a slew of other cognitive benefits associated with writing as it relates to learning and memory. When I looked for opinions about the essential iPad apps for depositions, it was pretty slim pickings.

All exhibits are uploaded before the deposition and can be organized, tagged, and annotated. However, as most litigators are aware, those eTranscripts frequently are delivered in. Please leave a comment below.

With a deposition outline converted to PDF, and usually imported into my iPad through Dropbox or email, iAnnotate PDF allows me to take notes right on my outline without worrying about cluttering the page with handwritten notes, and without having to flip back and forth through a 17 page outline.

WritePad also has gestures for the return character, the space character, undo, and spell check for a full list of alternatives, check the web sites of both apps. There are also many apps available for receiving your transcript in realtime from your stenographic court reporter. A book by neurologist Frank Wilson even argues that handwriting is crucial to building language fluency and critical thinking.

Further, having two ways of converting text, and being able to choose whether you want the app to retain the line breaks you did when hand writing or not makes this a quite versatile app for hand writing.

8 Essential iPad Apps for Depositions

I am tired of you and other companies talking about the low percentage of Mac users as if we are insignificant and have no bering on anything. Is that your ultimate goal?


The app facilitates editing of text in the process. Is it the same? The most obvious advantage is that your text becomes easily searchable. Considerably cheaper than its made-for-attorneys counterpart TabLit Trial NotebookCircus Ponies Notebook is a marvelous tool for attorneys at firms of any size, and on any kind of budget.

These short cuts can be customised, so you can create your own short cuts for words you use often. Some comparative reflections — 7NotesHD is, in many ways, the most sophisticated alternative in that it offers a lot of editing options.

Then, you circle the hand writing to convert it to text: So now I have 2 locations where I store my notes, and Evernote is starting to look less and less like the most viable option at this point.8 Comments on The best Scrapbook App for iPad you might already own: Keynote.

But yes, good applications cost money and unfortunately, the iPad sucks up a lot of it. Circus Ponies Notebook for iPad | ORGANIZING CREATIVITY; UPAD for iPad — Developing ideas by sketching on the iPad | ORGANIZING CREATIVITY. Popular Alternatives to Circus Ponies NoteBook for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Linux and more.

Explore 22 apps like Circus Ponies NoteBook, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. handwriting-recogni Reviews. No reviews. Circus Ponies Notebook Ipad User Guide Circus Ponies Notebook for Mac is a versatile system to help you organize and Average User Rating: Ambitious undertaking which I would like if it behaved according to the manual, or.

Litigators spend considerably more time preparing for, and participating in, depositions. So here are my 8 essential iPad apps for depositions! Litigators spend considerably more time preparing for, and participating in, depositions. Circus Ponies Notebook (TabLit Applications, $) #7.

iTestimony (Scott Falbo, $). This final article in a three part series on handwriting and the iPad brings us to the various apps that developers have created for the finding the best note taking apps to use with I’ve tried the following: Notes Plus, Note Taker HD, Notability, Penultimate, uPad, Evernote, Circus Ponies Notebook (CPNB), and a few others that pretty.

The iPad is shaping up to be a hot commodity for students headed back to school. It’s clear that the cool tablet is a great tool for consuming information – from gathering reading materials and buying textbooks to searching the web for information discussed in class.

Circus ponies ipad handwriting applications
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