Career opportunities and gender essay

In addition, unlike jobs that tend to be held by women, jobs held by men tend to exist in job ladders that lead to positions of greater power and influence.

Men tend to be more politically connected and have access to more powerful organizational members than do women. Work-family conflict is a specific form of interrole conflict in which the demands of work and family are mutually incompatible in some way.

Initial conceptualization of motivation focused on achievement motivation, which is the desire to master tasks, excel and surpass others, and accomplish things as well as possible. Therefore, some women get a later start in their careers than do men. Moreover, while general attitudes toward women have become more favorable over the years, sexist attitudes persist.

A more permanent career interruption is job loss, and gender differences exist here as well. Because adolescents want to fit in with their peers, the decision to pursue activities that are not consistent with sex-role expectations is a difficult one.

Furthermore, although men are much more involved in parenthood today than ever before, women are still primarily responsible for dependent care.

Gender and Careers

Likewise, working mothers may be viewed as less committed to their careers by virtue of their parental status. Women are less likely to occupy jobs that are revenue generating, and this makes them somewhat more susceptible to job loss than are men.

Women are also more likely to define life success in terms of both work and family achievements, whereas men tend to focus more on the work domain. Parents, siblings, teachers, school guidance counselors, other adult role models, peers, the media, and many other sources greatly influence how individuals view themselves based on their gender.

Girls are more likely to have role models in traditionally female occupations, such as education, nursing, and social work. Men tend to progress within their careers in a traditional, hierarchical manner, whereby they have few gaps in employment and move into positions of increasing authority and status.

As an example, women are typically viewed as being less similar than men to the prototype of a successful manager. Peers also exert considerable influence and contribute to the socialization process, particularly during adolescence.

This includes overt sex discrimination in hiring, being overlooked for high-visibility or high-stakes job assignments, and not being targeted for domestic or international relocation opportunities.

No such differences are found among men. Greater perceived barriers to developing mentoring relationships are also reported by women, as well as less contact and support from managers and peers.

Women are more likely to be hired into staff positions and have less access to line experience, which is often a steppingstone to higher-level management positions.

Gender and Career Choice Men and women differ considerably in their career choices, and many factors contribute to these differences. Another specific stressor with career implications is work-family conflict. For women, the timing of parenthood influences the career paths chosen, as well as the extent to which career interruptions are experienced.

Boys are expected to be more rambunctious and physically active, whereas girls are expected to be more sensitive and sociable.

Gender and Career Outcomes A substantial body of literature exists on the role of gender in understanding career outcomes such as pay, promotions, and career satisfaction.

This can have negative career effects, as trailing spouses tend to report that they move into new jobs that offer less salary, benefits, and advancement opportunities than their previous jobs. Women do respond to job loss with different behaviors.

In Career opportunities and gender essay, women in various family arrangements may face unique barriers resulting from the perceptions of others. Another work attitude of interest to understanding individual careers is turnover intentions.

For instance, there is some evidence that work involvement has a stronger negative effect on work-family conflict for women and that family involvement has a stronger negative effect on work-family conflict for men.

The typical family arrangement among male and female executives is also striking; executive men are more likely to be married to a stay-at-home spouses and have children, whereas executive women are more likely to be single and without children. Men value advancement, pay, and status and tend to judge their career success using these standards.

There is also some evidence that men receive more favorable performance feedback than do women and that the quality of such feedback provided varies by gender e.

Women are the typical targets of sexual harassment, and those experiencing harassment are more likely to report less favorable work attitudes, greater disengagement from work, lower psychological well-being, and greater physical health symptoms.

Furthermore, when one distinguishes between voluntary turnover i. This is particularly likely if the roles that one occupies are satisfying i. Both adolescent boys and adult men report greater interest in scientific, technical, and mechanical pursuits.Free Essay: The Effect of Gender Discrimination on Job Opportunities available to women in the banking sector Sociology BBA III DOUBLE Major Marketing &.

Nov 04,  · Representation of Gender and Sexuality in Media essay. grounded on the male view on women, could not find a job in the media industry or their career opportunities were much worse compared to women that matched the commonly accepted standard of female beauty and sexuality.

Moreover, many female performers, including contemporary one /5(2). Employment Writing Essays - Career Development and Gender, Race, and Class. Part Gender Discrimination Plays In Career Development Sociology Essay with the advent of equal employment opportunity legislations and the formation of the Gender and career Development-UK, and the Equal Opportunity Commissions to enforce and implement these legislations in practice and promote equal opportunity, women's rights are now.

They were the unprivileged gender and were expected to stay happy doing housework. Divorce was not a common thing because women couldn't get a decent job to support themselves. [tags: personal essay, career choices and opportunities] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview.

Careers in Coffee Brewing - What do most adults do as soon. Equal Opportunities Essay In this essay I am going and that parenting as an option is currently unattractive since they feel that parenting is incompatible with their career.

Women and Men must be equal in their rights and opportunities and one gender .

Career opportunities and gender essay
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