Bubble map topics to write about kids

On the right side of the bridge, write in the second pair of things that have the same relationship. On the line to the left, write the name of the whole object.

It is used to brainstorm ideas and for showing prior knowledge about a topic. Tree Maps are good for organizing the agenda of a meeting or showing the structure of an organization.

Writing Topics

In the rectangle to the left, list the causes of the event. Does anyone know what compare and contrast mean?

You could easily add one in by either allowing students to do the comparing portion on their own or with a partner or by giving students another set of objects to compare and contrast for 20 minutes on their own once they had practiced with the golf ball and tennis ball in this section.

Do you see how these blue bubbles on the inside are connected to the larger black circles here? Now I am going to start describing myself. What color is your hair? Our bubbles are red, green, purple, and pink. You may also ask students questions that might stretch their vocabulary.

Use this map to categorize spelling words according to the skill being taught. I had them write their names in the center circle. I started the lesson by telling the children, "Today we are going to learn another Thinking Map. Even though the focus of this lesson is not on vocabulary, you can certainly seize the opportunity.

What color are your eyes? I continued asking my students questions. You will want to print these questions out for your reference as well Questions to Ask For Comparing and Contrasting Lesson.

Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in stories. We always describe the noun in the center circle. In the outside circle, write or draw any information that puts this thing in context.

Am I short or am I tall? In the center of the circle, use words, numbers, pictures, or any other sign or symbol to represent the object, person, or idea you are trying to understand or define. The tennis ball is green and the golf ball is white. Tree Maps are good for studying for tests.

You also want to get some tennis balls and white golf balls. Write the adjectives or adjective phrases in the outside circles. I am going to write tennis ball in the black circle on the left and I am going to write golf ball in the black circle on the right.

An Introduction to the Bubble Map

How are they different? After I asked the students a question, I recorded the adjective into the outside bubbles. In the outside rectangle, write the name for the event or sequence.

Introduction to the Double Bubble Map

This is also good practice for recalling the order of events in a story - good review before an AR quiz! We recorded our information as a class in the remaining center two blue bubbles on the map. Describe a friend, a pet, favorite candy, a game, a stuffed animal.

Again, in later lessons, once they know how to use the map, we will dive in to different pieces of literature where they will compare and contrast.Thinking Maps® (Innovative Learning Group) integrate thinking skills and mapping techniques.

Learning to use these strategies helps students develop good writing skills. These techniques also help students become better learners as they develop life-long skills that help them to study.

Graphic Organizers: Bubble Map

Free to print (PDF file) is this bubble map graphic organizer, with six bubbles erupting from the central bubble. Great organizational tool for writing in grades K Students read Best Friends by Steven Kellogg, use KidPix to create Double Bubble Map comparing likenesses and differences of characters in Best Friends, write three paragraphs using double bubble map, and type, edit, and publish their.

Writing Topics. Do you want to inspire your students to write great narratives, essays, and reports? Check out these grade-specific writing topics organized by mode (explanatory, creative, and so on).

The biggest bubble-gum bubble; Level: Grade 2. Back to Top. Explanatory Writing. A bicycle I'd like to have. Write the writing topic in the center of the board with a circle around it, for example “A Place I Like to Visit.” Bubble Map Writing Activity; Bubble Map Writing Activity.

May 20, Prep Time: minutes. Students each write their own bubble maps. Tell students that they should write words and not sentences. Students will trace the number word in the middle of the bubble map, write the number symbol on the writing line, show the number in the frame, and draw the number in two different ways using pictures to show the set/group.

Bubble map topics to write about kids
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