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A general principle of statistics says that the larger the sample size, the more reliable the statistic. And a fairly tight window of confidence, based on the huge exposure of 63 million vehicle-years.

Its most recent study covered model year passenger cars and light trucks during the period A look at the statistics. The higher the number of cars in the sample size, the tighter the confidence range.

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The Autopilot fatality rate would now be one per 44 million miles—more than double that of non-Autopilot U. Tesla Autopilot driving occurs primarily on limited-access four-lane highways, which are typically safer than other types of roads—particularly on a per-mile basis.

But only when driven on four-lane roads in good weather. Based on that number, critics might well call for Autopilot to be banned immediately in the interests of public safety.

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Nevertheless, Bubslug came up with a number for the Autopilot-equipped Tesla—even though, according to him, the AP Tesla had accumulated only 16, vehicle-years. It may not be possible to establish with certainty the safety of autonomous vehicles.

By the IIHS yardstick, the Autopilot Tesla is more than three times as dangerous as a typical passenger vehicle, even with all the advantages cited above. Confidence range is the range within which there is a percent chance that the number is accurate.

A vehicle-year is a measure of exposure to risk: All of those factors would be expected to give an Autopilot-equipped Tesla a lower fatality rate than other passenger vehicles-even if the Autopilot is turned off. And, just blue-skying here, what if the car that crashed in Florida had been carrying three passengers?

A better yardstick The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also collects crash and fatality information. Due to the low number of vehicle-years for the Tesla, its confidence range would have been huge—something on the order of 0 to Obviously, the Tesla was not included.

He came up with a rating of 36—a bit worse than the overall average, and about the same as the Impala. Suddenly, the Autopilot Model S number that Tesla was bragging about last June—one death in million miles—looks downright terrible.

The confidence range for the Buick LaCrosse was 7 to 80—a yawning canyon of doubt.Sep 16,  · 9 16 AP Stats Linear Transformation effects on center and spread Auto Expressviews.

AP Statistics: Linear. The Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are working to support These statistics will fluctuate as repairs are. Build your next story with up-to-the-minute breaking news and history's most iconic images and video directly from The Associated Press.

How safe is Tesla Autopilot? A look at the statistics.

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Ap statistics auto safety
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