An introduction to the analysis of news casts

Waxy casts have a granular appearance and are thought to arise from degeneration of longstanding granular casts. Significant disease may exist when urine color is normal.

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The microalbuminuria test detects lower concentrations of albumin than a standard dipstick test pad. Together, the two gods discuss ways to punish the Greeks, and conspire to destroy the home-going Greek ships in revenge.

Equine urine may turn brown after a period of time.

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Fat droplets are commonly present in urine from dogs and cats and may be mistaken for RBCs. Cystine crystals are six-sided and of variable size. Urobilinogen, formed from bilirubin by intestinal microflora, is absorbed into the portal circulation and excreted renally.

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Ken Milburn Ken Milburn has been a photographer, both full- and part-time, for nearly five decades. Struvite crystals are commonly seen in canine and feline urine. It is different from osmolality, which depends only on the number of particles in the liquid; measurement of osmolality requires specialized instrumentation.

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They often vary in size and tend to float on a different plane of focus than the remainder of the sediment. Urine Sediment Microscopic examination of urine sediment should be part of a routine urinalysis.

For some tests, air dried, stained smears are necessary. However, calcium oxalate and calcium carbonate crystalluria is common in healthy horses and cattle.

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Normal urine has a slight odor of ammonia; however, the odor depends on urine concentration. Alkaluria will give a false-positive reaction. Hematuria must be macroscopic to increase the microalbuminuria or UP: Cystinuria has been reported in many breeds of dogs and rarely in cats.

If glucosuria is present, blood glucose concentration should be determined. In these animals, struvite crystalluria may be pathologic. While working on his books, Doug is the president of Superb Images, Inca wedding and event photography company. Urine pH will affect crystalluria because some crystals, such as struvite, form in alkaline urine, whereas other crystals, such as cystine, form in acidic urine.

Bacterial infection may result in a strong odor due to pyuria; a strong ammonia odor may occur if the bacteria produce urease. In dogs with concentrated urine, a small amount of bilirubin can be normal.Publisher of academic books and electronic media publishing for general interest and in a wide variety of fields.

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An introduction to the analysis of news casts
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